Dice Forge


Dice Forge

Roll away and craft your path to victory!

A 4 player game of ‘Dice Forge’ this week saw some couples rivalry between game host Matthew Piotrowski and Kathrine Piotrowski alongside Andy woodward and Matt Stoodley.

Dice Forge is a competitive resource building game for 2-4 players. Each player has a pair of customisable dice and a resource tracking tile. Each dice face detail a particular resource; Gold, Sunstones, Moodstones or Victory Points. On every turn players roll their dice and collect the resources rolled, however you can only spend your resources when you are the active player.

As the Active player you can spend Gold to buy dice faces and replace low value faces with higher value ones, this makes your dice more powerful and increase the probability of you rolling more resources each turn allowing you to spend more and so on. Sun and Moonstones are used to buy advancement cards which will either give you instant effect benefits or recurring benefits, each card worth a different value of VP at the end of the game.

A 4 player game will last for 9 complete rounds and will last about an hour, with the winner being the player with the most about of VP at the end of the final round.

This weeks result saw Andy score 105 VP, Katherine 125 VP Matt S 143 and Matt P taking the win on 155 VP.

This is a simple to learn and extremely fun game to play, regardless of your strategy chance has a huge ‘roll’ to play.

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