International Plastic Modellers Society (IPMS) Show

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One of the largest one day shows in the South.


Tom, Steve, Matt and Colin opened the Mid Somerset Wargames Club stand with a game of Bag the Hun. An aerial combat game set in WWII. Tom and Matt’s mission was to command the British RAF forces to seek out and destroy the German bomber controlled by Steve and Colin. The same used a simple move mechanic based on the type of aircraft skill, the hex mat supplied by Tom makes measuring movement a doddle. In order to gain a larger move, you can sacrifice altitude to pick up more speed, however to get back to a higher altitude level will cost you more later.

After several moves, The British forces found themselves on the tale of the bomber and a good roll killed the main pilot and damaged the engine, the Co-Pilot was then forces take the reigns and try to get back to base in order to survive.