Kill Team: Round 5 - Knockouts


Kill Team: Round 5


The club started a Warhammer Kill team Campaign earlier this year. After round 4 it was decided that we would head into a knock out stages to increase the competition and allow teams to flex their muscle. A summary of the games are below along with the victors who will be progressing to the next knock out game, round 6.

Matt Stoodley: Blood Angels Vs Matt Piotrowski: World Eaters

Mission - Sweep and Clear

The first two battle rounds consisted of mainly strategic moves into position, getting troops behind cover and popping off ranged weapons, both sides scored good numbers of hits but either failed to wound or wound shots were saved by the defender. Blood angels and World eaters are both evenly matched on Strength 4 and Toughness 4 so any wound advantages were down to the weapon load outs. The first casualty was a chaos cultist equipped with a flamer, succumbed to a single hit, that wounded and failed to save at a roll of 6+. As the cultist failed to do any damage with his auto hit flamer after rolling a terrible D1. If the enemy hadn’t of killed him, I probably would have sent him to the firing squad for being awful.

The game switched gear in battle round 3 with several casualties. The chaos aspiring champion armed with a power fist got himself into close combat via several successful charges. The power fists Strength 8 (user *2) is deadly with 3 attacks hitting and wounding on 2+. at the beginning of the game the world eaters spend a risky 2 CP to use Beseech the Gods Tactic adding 1 to hit and wound rolls. The blood angels fought back hard, a rouge Chaos Marine armed with a chainsword had failed to get in a successful charge leaving him out in the open for two Blood Angels to fire upon, killing him instantly. at this stage the casualty count was equal.

In round 4 the might of the Powerfist took out several blood angels, breaking the team before the round was over and winning the game for the Heretic Astartes.