Mansions of Madness


Survive at all costs.

or go insane trying!

A 5 player co-operative game of ‘Mansions of Madness’ allowed game host Ben Mulcahy to team up with Matt & Kat Piotrowski alongside Stuart Grantham and Adam French to work their way through a haunted mansion and escape the town of Innsmouth.

Working together the team quickly encounter enemy threats behind a locked door, after a couple of good rolls the ‘Deep One Hybrid’ was defeated with a swift blow from a crowbar. We found several pieces of good evidence searching the mansion and interacting with the many search tokens via the companion app and the board.

Progress was smooth and looking positive until one of the group who shall remain nameless (Ahem Ben!) went rouge splitting from the group, going outside and getting trapped on the beach by a ‘Deep one’ (it had all the claws and teeth).

Attempts to save him from mortal peril the team jumped into action and kill the deep one, albeit too late as the roaming Innsmouth mob had descended on us with a seemly impossible heath level. Ben was eventually dragged away by the mob and was mortally wounded.

Despite the physical injury’s, I (Matt) was already insane by this point and had collected my secret objective, with only 3 more horror cards needed to kill me it was not looking like a pleasant end for all.

Once one member of the team succumbs to their injuries the game is lost. It was an incredibly exciting game and we will be back to attempt and escape again.

If interested in joining a game please comment, contact us via the contact page or visit our Facebook page for more details.

Stay tuned for more tails from the Mansions of Madness.