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The cardboard revolution needs you


Board games ave grown in popularity in recent years and this is represented in the wide variety of board on offer each week at the Mid-Somerset Wargames club. If your new to board gaming and wish to join one of the many games available just contact the club and introduce yourself to the many members. If you wish to host your own games and need some additional players we are always eager to learn and play new games. Some of our members take part in legacy board games such as Gloomhaven and Charterstone, bust out your boards and join us for a game or two


Scythe: out Farm & fight your NEIGHBOR for victory

Set in an alternate 1920’s reality, Scythe is beautifully designed Euro game allowing your to cultivate your land in order to expand and build mechs to destroy your foes. Reputation or Power, the choice is yours.


Blood Rage: impress thor in battle or create mischief for Loki

Blood rage is a very popular game at the club and allows players to control a clan of vikings in the plight for victory points by killing your enemy, pillaging villages or strategically completing quests for the win.


xcom: work together to save the planet

XCOM is based on the popular video game where you and your team mates must work together in order to fight off the invading alien forces and complete your main mission. Only the strong willed survive.


Uboot: wwii submarine warfare

You and your friends will assume the roles of Captain, First Officer, Navigator, and Chief Engineer on board of a type VIIC U-boat. You must work together in this fully cooperative, real-time tabletop game of WWII submarine warfare to outwit your enemy and sink their ships for survival.


charterstone: the forever king needs you & your resources

Charterstone is a 12 game legacy village builder, compete against your friends to out-build and progress your village to please the forever king and earn the most VP to win.


Catan; DOMINATion is everything

Become the dominant force on the island of Catan by building settlements, cities, and roads. Dice rolls determine what resources are produced. Players collect these resources to build up their civilization, 10 victory points wins the game.


Star Wars Rebellion: the survival of the galaxy depends on you

In this galactic game of hide and seek you will either attempt to hide your rebel base and avoid the galactic empire or you will hunt and destroy the last surviving base of the rebel scum.


Rising sun: honor and betrayal

Rising Sun is a PVP territory control game set in feudal Japan, create allies at the tea ceremony or lead a rogue tribe of elite warriors. VP is the key to victory.