Our Team


Steve rogers - Chairman

Steve ‘Captain’ Rogers is a long standing member with 10 years membership at the club. Steve’s gaming interests are broad and varied, taking part in many boardgames and fantasy tabletops. Steve is also part of the ‘very long’ running legacy game Gloomhaven. As chair Steve ………

Adam french - Club Secretary

Adam is another member with many years membership and has served the club well as secretary for the last x years. Adam is an avid Warhammer 40k fan and regularly fields a mighty army of well painted models to best his opponents. Adam also runs the clubs first Warhammer Kill Team campaign which started in 2019.

Tom h - treasurer

Tom has been a member of the club since 2015 with a keen interest in military tabletops, commanding squadrons of loyal soldiers, reenacting many historical battles as well as managing the club finances and collecting weekly dues.

Julian glover - vice chairman

Julian has been an active member of the club for x years and also has a wide variety in gaming taste. Jules hosts the epic legacy game Gloomhaven, who’s detailed and gripping write ups can be found in the Blogs section. As Vice chair Jules……..

colin ettle - content manager

Colin has been a member of the club since (year) and is a lover of most games. Colin shares his passion with the clubs facebook group by posting weekly updates on the clubs page capturing the weeks events and the epic battles that take place.

Matthew piotrowski - digital marketing

Matt is one of the clubs newest members, joining in 2017 and manages the club website and Instagram page. Matt’s main passion is board games and regularly plays a wide variety of CO-OP, combat and resource based games. Matt also hosts the legacy game Charterstone, which is almost at an end but game reviews are available on the Blog page.